As a photographer and artist, I’m happy to help you with any of the below services in the Oregon/Washington areas.

Commercial Architecture – I’m currently building my portfolio for commercial architectural photography across the states of Oregon and Washington.  Until the portfolio is online, feel free to contact me for speculative work.

Additionally, I have experience as a civil engineer/construction inspector; I have training in drafting, can read design documents, and can render drawings in charcoal and ink.

Human Subject – My affinity for photographing the human subject stems from years working as figurative artist and studying of human anatomy. If you’re looking for someone to turn you into art, you’ve come to the right place. I can help with everything from beautiful portraiture to highly stylized avant-garde photography. If needed I can find professional hair or makeup stylists to help make your session magical. Please see my price sheet for more details.

Cirque/Concert Photography – I’m currently shooting event photography for artistic events such as concerts, cirque and sideshow.  If you’re an artist/musician/performer please contact me for special rates.

Fine Art Imaging – As an artist myself, I appreciate the need for quality photographs of artwork.  I have invested in the best optical equipment and lighting necessary to enable poster-sized (and beyond) reproduction, including reflective surfaces such as varnished oil paintings.  Art is my passion; if you’re having problems photographing your own work, I can assist with developing color correct, distortion-free replications.