Innocence and Experience:

The two contrary states of the human soul.

This series is influenced by William Blake’s work from the late 18th century.  Blake combined poetry with visual imagery to show a naive, blissful outlook on the world, countered by a greater understanding as one becomes more experienced in life. With experience came criticism and a greater understanding of the world around him. Visual art enhanced the poetry that he published in book form.

With Innocence and Experience, I employ Blake’s techniques to accomplish the same goal: to examine humanity. Below are several plates from the upcoming book, detailing hope and doubt, trust and betrayal, lust and contentment, and other aspects of our human journey. The artwork is mixed media starting with photography, an initial impression is created onto bristol or another substrate with a chemical transfer. Charcoal pencil is then used to refine detailed areas, such as the face, or to add additional effects.